About Kristi

Hi, I am Kristi and I am glad you came to check out my online school.  I am an American who used to live in Japan (teaching English) and now I live in France (married to a French man).

I speak English, Japanese and French and I love finding new ways to get motivated to keep languages fresh (or at least to forget as little as possible!).  I have been teaching English (ESL) for many years but it was actually my efforts to learn French that really inspired me to come and create this online learning center.  My French is pretty good…but there are some fine details that I am missing.  Once you get “pretty good” at a language you need to be a bit creative to push it to an even higher level.  So while I considered how I could improve my French, I had an idea of how I could create a space for people to learn and practice English.

I am especially interested in creating a place where people who are “pretty good” at English can come and find a fun empowering environment to push their skills even higher. People who have studied English at Junior High school..high school and maybe even at University and now could have some fun and fine tune their language skills.

I look forward to meeting you!