Parenting Survival Club ESL Conversation Group!

Let’s be honest, being a parent is an overwhelming and exhausting job. A wonderful, satisfying and exciting job- yes, but it can take a lot of energy and attention to take care of our children! If you have studied ESL and are raising children, you might find it difficult to keep a part of your energy for yourself and to keep your English skills from slipping into oblivion.

Don’t lose your English! You worked hard to learn it so let’s keep it alive in your brain.

Come and practice English while discussing the fun and challenging subject of parenting at my new group conversation class Small Talk: Parenting Survival Club. We will meet online each week and discuss how to take care of our kids and also how to take care of ourselves during this exciting season of raising children! I hope we can share some advice (and good stories) while creating a supportive and fun group!

Let’s enjoy keeping English fresh by discussing something we love, our kids and our work as parents!

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