Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I do love a fresh start when the new year begins. If improving your English is part of your plan for 2017 then come join one of my classes! This spring we will continue with some of my favorite Small Talk courses where we meet weekly and discuss a common interest…in English, and after being asked by many I will be adding in a new thing…Business English!

Juku Kristi Business English will have several parts, I am preparing a 10 lesson course called “Business English Basics” a self managed video course that will get you started with a solid foundation in professional communication.  More on that soon!! I will also have some quick free videos on Youtube called “Business English Quickies” and I am excited to try something I think might be a good idea, a free weekly live event on Youtube called “Juku Kristi’s Business English Q&A” where I am available to answer your questions about Business English.

More information about all of these fun ways to practice and improve your English can be found right here at my website, jukukristi.com

See you in 2017!


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