What is “well being”?

The new year has begun and it is time to start the new Small Talk Series course “Good Living, Body and Mind”.

One of the important terms that will come up in this course is “well being” so I’d like to focus in and discuss this term to get the course going. Let’s start with the basic definition:

  • Well being:
    a good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity; welfare:

So, health, happiness and prosperity.  That sounds pretty good!  But I find in this modern world with more pressure and focus put on productivity and the idea of financial prosperity, we can, each one of us, forget to prioritize our own well being.

Taking care of our health.

Finding or noticing our happiness.

Considering what is our personal prosperity?

If this subject interests you, discussing it in English, in a small group setting, might be a great way to practice and perfect your English.

Consider joining the Small Talk: Good Living, Body & Mind weekly discussion.

Please contact me at kristi@jukukristi.com for more information.

-Juku Kristi


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