Freebie Friday- Copy Control with Kristi (May 2020 special)

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Join me this month and explore the possibilities in learning to better craft your writing in English. This month we can see how a small group setting works for us to share written work in a live video setting, I will screen share the document as I edit and discuss in detail why I make any changes.

This is not simple a grammer check, as there are many applications that can do that work for both of us! This is more importantly a time to examine the written piece and see if it communicates successfully.

Is it organized? Is it streamlined and easy to ready? Is it concise and, most importantly, does it communicate what you want to say with the feeling you want to convey?

This month please submit a small written piece, a blog post perhaps? We will meet on Fridays at 11:15 Paris time and see how well we can make this work.

First class is Friday May 8, I will send you a link in your email to join the class, please be prepared to connect with video and microphone for this first class as we can take time to meet each other and find out what each of us is doing in this entreprenurial adventure.

I look forward to meeting you!