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Small Talk: Professional English (October 2019)

by JukuAdmin 0 Lessons in $120.00

Small Talk: Professional English Come join this small group weekly lesson. You will find a safe place to explore how to better communicate in English in a professional setting. In October we will meet weekly on Fridays, at 5pm Tokyo time / 10am Paris time. See you Friday!

Professional English Coaching (September 2019)

by JukuAdmin 0 Lessons in $120.00

Join me for weekly coaching sessions where I will help you strengthen your Business English skills and build your confidence to use English in a professional setting.  A safe place to ask questions and improve your professional communication skills.

Small Talk: Pop Culture & Social Media (February 2019)

by JukuAdmin 0 Lessons $120.00

February is a difficult month. We need to stay warm, stay healthy and stay focused on moving our social media projects in the right direction. Let’s discuss, in English, how to best keep ourselves and our websites in the best shape we can! We will meet on Fridays at 8:30am (France time) which is 16:30 […]

Small Talk: Social Media (January 2019)

by JukuAdmin 0 Lessons in $120.00

What better time is there to refresh and re-energize our skills in social media than the New Year? Let’s gather our energy after the holidays and head into 2019 with fresh ideas and action plans to better manage our social media and communicate with the world! We will meet Fridays at 16:30 Japan time (Paris […]

Small Talk: Pop Culture & Social Media (November 2018)

by JukuAdmin 0 Lessons in $120.00

The weather is getting cold so it is a great time to stay home, stay warm and focus on making our websites even better! Let’s improve on the efforts we have begin and consider how to best serve people using social media.  We are at the tyail end of 2018, let’s prepare now to finish […]