Personalized Writing Support Intensive for Online Entrepreneurs

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Let me help you with focused and personalized support for your writing needs.

Running an online business is an amazing adventure. But sometimes the task of writing (content, copy, titles, emails etc.) can feel overwhelming. Each of us can get a bit lost in our own words.

Let me help you.

We can work together to improve your relationship with the task of writing for your business. You will develop the ability to self-edit and learn to write better and with more ease. I want you to be able to write and communicate with confidence so you can connect to your online audience and find your own authentic voice.

In this three session writing intensive we will..

  • work together to clarify what you need to write.
  • clarify even more what you want to say.
  • work together to find a way for you to say it while developing your own authentic style.

Three, one hour, private sessions with Kristi will give you the quick boost you need to get your online communications soaring.