Small Talk: Good Living, Body & Mind (March 2018)

Spring is almost here, and it’s time for a fresh start with a new Small Talk course where you can practice English while discussing a topic that catches your interest.  This course is all about living well, being healthy and creating a life that makes you happy and satisfied. I also have a course about Social Media where we discuss building and promoting websites and using social media to connect with the world!

Small Talk: Good Living Body & Mind is a weekly opportunity to explore the many things that add to our quality of life. Health, well being, happiness…there are so many things to discuss.

This season we will be discussing:

  • What is health and well being?
  • Mindfulness, a trendy term for an important practice.
  • Habits, how to nurture healthy good habits.
  • Priorities, how to focus on what is important to you and your well being.

This course is new and I don’t have students for it…yet! So this spring I will be doing a small version of the class alone and using these live classes as a chance to promote Small Talk: Good Living, Body & Mind.  I hope you will contact me by sending an email to so we can meet one time (for free!) to see if it feels like it will work, and you can join our class.

The time for this course has not been set yet, I can be a bit flexible and find a time that works for students.  I am considering Monday at 5pm (Japan time) or later on Monday evening. Let me know when you would like to have a class!

I hope to have some new students in 2018 so we can share this Small Talk course subject that is one of my favorites!

Let’s make this Small Talk course come to life!

Classes are $30 per class, so normally a 4 week month will cost $120

See you soon!

Juku Kristi