Business English

The weekly free live event Ask Kristi- Business English Open Forum will be back from vacation Monday September 3! See you then!

For now you can find videos of past events at my Youtube channel;

Juku Kristi’s selection of Business English options: Ask Kristi- Business English Open Forum, Business English Quickies and our Executive Club are great places to improve your professional communication skills.

Ask Kristi: Business English Open Forum is a free weekly event where you submit the questions and Juku Kristi provides the answers in an open, free event you can find on her Youtube channel. Come watch or join in the conversation!

Submit your questions at

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Business English Quickies are fast fun videos available to help you understand idioms and special points in corporate language.

And our new “Executive Club” is a networking opportunity to meet other people striving to improve their business English. Learn within a community of professionals!

I look forward to working with you to help you improve your confidence and capabilities in Business English!

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See you in class!

-Juku Kristi